Academic Journal of Lviv Polytechnic. Series of Computer Systems and Networks №857, 2016 рік

УДК 621.3 (681,519,536,62,50,003,004)

Berezko L.A., Sokolov S.E. Features of biotechnical part Cyber-physical systems


The main structures of biomedical electroimpedance biotechnical systems as part cyber-physical systems were synthesized. The methodological recommendations on the electoimpedance apparatus development process were made.
Кеуwords: biomedical electroimpedance, biotechnical systems, cyber-physical systems.

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Hlukhov V., Bybel V., Pristopiuk O. Analysis of data wireless technologies for educational process modernization


The article presents the results of research, evaluation and comparison of wireless data transmission technologies that can be used in the construction of the collection and management of data system for the scientific and educational institutions. An expediency of the study in this direction made by analyzing the current trends of computer networks and systems. It is proposed to use Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol as a way of modernizing the processes of setting scientific research and adaptation of the educational process of higher education in Ukraine with the requirements of society and the labor market.
Кеуwords: wireless technology, data transmission, Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wireless USB, ANT

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Vozna N. Theoretical foundations of assessment method of structured multifunctinal data entropy


The theoretical position entropy method of assessment and structural complexity of binary images. An example of calculating entropy and structural complexity of binary images based on correlation entropy measures and criteria of structural complexity.
Кеуwords: entropy, structural complexity, binary image.

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Lopit I. Optimization of the greedy search algorithms for combined data sequences


The paper describes optimization of the greedy algorithm that can be used to optimize the placement / routing between components in computer systems, when the sequences of data were obtained by using combinations. The disadvantages of original greedy algorithm were analyzed and its optimized version, which is based on an ordered matrix notation to store permutation, was proposed. This approach increases algorithm performance in 2.7 times for 482 unique items.
Кеуwords: search and optimization algorithms, greedy algorithms, application-specific processors.

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Melnyk A., Majstrenko M. Application-specific processors optimization design on C2HDL automatic synthesis tool and design kit


An efficiency of the application-specific processors (ASP) optimization design using C2HDL Chameleon tool and Altera IDE is explored. ASP optimization design supposes to perform the following actions: the set of ASP IP cores synthesis, their FPGA implementation and comparative analysis, optimal version selection according to given criterion. The set of 64-point and 128-poimt FFT processors are synthesized for this by Chameleon system, they are implemented in 5CSEMA5F31C6 Altera FPGA and their characteristics are estimated: resource utilization, maximal frequency, data latency and power consumption. As the result the new method of ASP design is formed.
Кеуwords: automatic synthesis, application-specific processor, FFT processor, FPGA, optimization design, processor characteristics.

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Melnyk A., Kozak N. Parameters of macrocommand system for graphics accelerator


The key parameters to generate macrocommand system are defined. The dependencies of acceleration and parameter values for macrocommand system are considered.
Кеуwords: parallel data processing, graphics processing units, computing accelerators, program code generation.

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Мelnyk V. Organization basics and timing characteristics of the multiprocessor self-configurable computer systems


The principles of design and operation of the multiprocessor self-configurabre FPGA-based computer systems are proposed in the article. The method of information processing and the structure of such system are developed. Its timing characteristics are explored. The conditions are determined necessary to achieve the high performance by the multiprocessor self-configurable computer system, and the approaches to implement these conditions are analyzed.
Кеуwords: multiprocessor self-configurable computer system, field programmable gate arrays, high performance computing, reconfigurable computing, reconfigurable logic.

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Mijushkovych Je., Hrebenjak A., Paramud Y. Telecommunication subsystems of cyber-physical systems


This paper presents the analysis of structural solutions of autonomous measurement and computing nodes in Ethernet-centric cyber-physical systems. The possibility of using in them standard industrial sensors and actuators with low-speed serial ports was demonstrated. The general principles of building of telecommunication subsystems was proposed. Considered a few basic embodiments of telecommunication subsystems and formulated recommendations for choosing a specific decision by the criterion of necessary computing power for data pre-processing. The physical model of telecommunications subsystems was studied.
Кеуwords: cyber-physical system, telecommunication sybsystem, autonomous measurement and computing node, serial port.

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Pasternak І. Principles of social network with minimal load on server


A social network and investigated with regard to minimum load on the server. The principles of designing social networks. The results of the tests developed by social network analysis and load on servers.
Кеуwords: social network, client, server.

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Protsko I. Review the algorithms of the efficient computation of dft based on cyclic convolutions


The enumeration approaches of efficient computation discrete transform of Fourier class using cyclic convolutions is considered. The formulation of the basis matrix of transforms into the block cyclic structures is described of each approach. The analysis of the advantages and imperfections of the algorithms are discussed.
Кеуwords: fast discrete transform of Fourier class, cyclic convolution, hashing array.

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Solomko M., Krulikovskij B. Transfer optimization while adding of binary numbers in number-theoretic basis rademacher


The mathematical model of computer circuit as directed acyclic graph for the construction of parallel adders with parallel transfer method. Demonstrated communication between computing steps directed acyclic graph and the process of transfer of units in the scheme multibit adder that can determine the optimal number of transfers in the scheme multibit parallel adder with parallel transfer method in theoretical and numerical basis Rademacher. The process of adding binary numbers in the adder circuit uses an algorithm logarithmic summation.
Кеуwords: adder cascade scheme, directed acyclic graph, Rademacher TNB.

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Trembach B. Method of determining the distance to the source of acoustic signals


The analysis of existing methods and means of application of acoustic signals in different branches of industry. Prospects for further development of theory and methods for improving information systems and devices determination of the distance to the source of acoustic signals based on their gradient and correlation processing have been shown. The proposed method of gradient-processing acoustic signal and information technology solving the problem of determining the distance to the source of acoustic signals. Spatial geometry for different location of sources and receivers of acoustic signals was systemized. Acoustic signals dissemination charts and fading of their intensity in the propagation medium were estimated. Principles to improve performance were developed, evaluated the advantages and functional limitations of the proposed method.
Кеу words: acoustic signal, gradient method.

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Yarkun V., Paramud Y. Algorithmic and software synchronization of information exchange


In this article is considered the use of tools for configuration managing flow for efficient transferring large amount of data and described the main benefits of using them. Solved the problem of synchronization of multiple processes by producer-consumer design. When sending large amount of data it is recommended to divide it into several small parts for proper work of which are responsible the proposed configurations.
Кеу words: producer-consumer pattern, bounded-buffer problem, multi-process synchronization problem.

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Yatsuk V., Matviiv R. Design of automatic error corection for DC voltage calibrator


A method of additive error correction in DC voltage calibrator on the basis of inverting commutation method with additional voltage source is proposed. The structural diagram of the calibrator with automatic correction of additive errors is developed. The investigation of proposed diagram using computer simulation is conducted.
Кеу words: voltage calibrator, additive error, automatic correction, inverting commutation method.

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