Academic Journal of Lviv Polytechnic. Series of Computer Systems and Networks. №830, 2015 рік

УДК 621.3 (681,519,536,62,50,003,004)

Ignatovich A.

Concept of usage of modified block ciphers in telecommunications environments of cyberphysical systems.

Bachynskyy R.

Interlevel communication in cyber physical systems.

Botchkaryov A., Golembo V.

Applying intelligent technologies of data acquisition to autonomous cyber-physical systems.

Bubela T., Vanjko V., Stolyarchuk P.

Principles of constructing the cyberphysical systems of grain production control and management.

Buchma І.

Building concept low frequency eddy current measurement and computational tools of cyber-physical systems.

Hrabovskiy Ya., Sovyn Ya., Tyshyk I.

Comparison implementations of new hash algorithms SHA-3 AND GOST R 34.11-2012 for 8/32-bit microcontroller architectures.

Zholybak І., Kostyk A., Hlukhov V.

Features of ternary Galois fields elements processing on modern element basis.

Kremin V.

Water noise immunity improvement in the capacitive sensor panels.

Miyushkovych E., Paramud Y.

Features of classification and application of telecommunication interfaces in cyber-physics systems.

Мelnyk V.

Methodological basics of implementation of computer devices with reconfigurable modules in partially reconfigurable FPGAS.

Melnyk А.

Cyber-physical system layers integration.

Melnyk A., Kozak N.

Approaches to computing accelerators programming.

Melnyk A., Tsyhylyk L., Maystrenko M.

Toolkit for characteristics investigation of the digital signal processors generated by CHAMELEON© C2HDL design tool.

Мelnyk V.

Hardware multitasking in computer systems based on partially reconfigurable FPGAS.

Neroda T., Oliinyk R.

Application of Distributed Calculations in Pre-press Preparation of Publications.

Oleshchuk О., Popel О., Kopytchuk М.

Study of energy efficiency firm NVIDIA graphics accelerators.

Pavych N., Krochmalna O.

Assessment of big data processing efficiency with SPARK and HIVE technology.

Puyda V.

Implementation of an algorithm for finding object coordinates in monochrome video.

Salo A., Kravets O.

Methods and means of vending machine power consumption optimization.

Solomko M., Crulikovskyi B., Nykolaichuk Ya.

Parallel adder without carry based on XAND gates.

Chervak A.

Adaptive module of real time stream retransmission.

Sholohon O.

Threads types in cyber physical systems.

Sholohon Yu.

Cyber-physical systems hardware security vulneabilities

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