Academic Journal of Lviv Polytechnic. Series of Computer Systems and Networks. №806, 2014 рік

УДК 621.3 (681,519,536,62,50,003,004)

Chaplyga V., Nyemkova E., Ivanishin S., Shandra Z.

Administration of access rights to the corporate network with the integrated automation of the bank

Nyemkova E.

Data protection of biometric authentication for remote access to a bank account

Yevseyev S.P., King O.G.

Investigation of the threats of two-factor authentication methods

Ivanyuk H.

Protection of information in the system of raising competency characteristics and assessing the level of knowledge of auditors

Ignatovich A.O.

Method of adaptive authentication of users in computer networks on the basis of biometric data

Bakay O. V.

Features of system construction and application of cryptographic algorithm AES

Berezko L. O., Sokolov S. E.

Features of the design of electronic biomedical equipment

Berezovsky M.O., Dunets R. B.

Features of the programming of dynamically reconfigured processors

Bochkarev O.Yu., Golembo V.A.

Method of coordinating adaptive measuring-computational processes on the basis of delayed information interaction

Glukhov V., Trish G.

Estimation of structural complexity of multisection multipliers of Galois field elements

Gonchar S.F., Leonenko G.P., Yudin O.Yu.

Theoretical and methodological aspect of providing information security of objects of critical infrastructure

Gorbenko Yu. I., Hansa R. S.

Analysis of the development of cryptography after the appearance of quantum computers

Dudikevich VB, Mikitin V.G., Rebets A.I., Banakh R.I.

Systemic wireless security model for wireless data encryption technology in WIMAX systems

Dunets R.

Approach to the classification of communication environments of networks on a crystal

Kalashnikov MV, Yakovenko O., Kushnirenko N. I.

Embedding digital watermarks in an uncompressed audio file

Karpinsky M.P., Chizh V. M., Balaban S. M.

An Analytical Method for Investigating the Value of Signal Parameters Change in Wireless Sensor Networks

Karpinsky M.P., Yatsikovskaya U.O., Balik AV, Alexander M.

Attacks on refusal to maintain computer networks

Kononova V. O., Harkyanenko O. V., Gribkov S.

Assessment of the means of protection of information resources

Kostov Yu.M., Maksimovich VM, Garasymchuk O.I., Mandron N.M.

Formation of the Poisson pulse sequence on the basis of the Hollmann generator

Kochan R.V., Kochan O.V., Klim G.I., Gots N. E.

Method of correction of nonlinearity of ADC based on the source of high voltage

Kret T. B.

Protection of information in intelligent control systems

Kuznetsov O. O., Oliinikov RV, Gorbenko Yu.I., Pushkarev A.I., Dirda O.V., Gorbenko I.D.

Justification of requirements, construction and analysis of perspective symmetric cryptographic transformations based on block ciphers

Lupenko S.A., Shabliy N.R., Lupenko A. M.

A comparative analysis of models, methods and means of person's authentication in information systems by its keyboard handwriting.

Lutsk, AM, Vitruk IA, Zagorodna N.V.

High-performance information system of algebraic cryptanalysis of stream ciphers

Melnik A.O.

Cyberphysical systems: problems of creation and directions of development

Melnik V.A., Kit A. Yu.

Operating systems of reconfigurable computers: structure and organization of functioning

Melnik V.A., Lopit I.I.

Optimization of memory display of software models of specialized processors in the FPGA architecture

Moroz I.V., Vavruk E. Ya.

Criteria for evaluation of fault-tolerance of signal processing systems

Mulyarevich O.V., Golembo V.A.

Development of an additional software module using local optimization methods in a computer system for solving the salesman's dynamic task

Nazarkevich M.A., Troyan O. A.

Development of a software product for the protection of information on the basis of films with hidden latent image

Nikolaichuk Ya.M., Kasyanchuk M.M., Yakimenko I.Z., Ivasiev S.V.

An effective method of modular multiplication in the Rademacher-Krestinson theorem-numerical basis

Novosyadliy S.P., Melnyk L.V.

Physical-topological aspects of simulation of arsenic-gel super-beta transistor on heterostructures for high-speed WSI computer systems

Oliynyk G.V., Gribkov S.V.

Research on the use of intelligent software for the protection of computer networks

Oleshchuk O.V., Popel O. Ye., Kopitchuk M. B.

Method for measuring the energy efficiency of calculations on a graphic core

Paralukh I.P.

High frequency divider with variable fission factor

Progonov D.O., Kush S. M.

Variogram analysis of steganographs, formed on the basis of complex methods of data concealment

Puida V. Ya., Mandzewich N. T.

Development of structural model of microprocessor PID-regulator

Salo A. M., Kravets A. I.

Architecture of a vending machine

Samoilenko D. M.

Semantic threats to the network information resource

Selyuk P.V.

Estimate the power of a plurality of RSA modules that are resistant to cryptanalysis

Stefinka J. Ya., Piskozub A. Z.

Using open operating systems for penetration testing for educational purposes

Tymoshchuk P.V.

Analysis of the model of the high-speed analogue neural circuit identifying the largest values ​​from a plurality of signals

Tishik I. Ya.

Broadband processing of signals of security systems

Chekurin V. F., Pritula M. G., Khimko O. M.

MES methodology and computerization of GTS management

Sholohon O.

Calculation of the structural complexity of multipliers in the polynomial basis of the Galois field elements GF (2m)

Sholohon Y.

Estimation of structural complexity of multipliers of fields of Galois on the basis of elementary converters

Yakovina V. S.

Simulation of software failure fl ow parameter and determination of ranges of its complexity index

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